Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is ideal for anyone wanting to focus on body awareness and control of movements. Pilates uses specific exercises to work the deep core muscles that surround the vertebrae and stabilising muscles throughout the whole body. Waking up the stabilising muscles not only helps support you through your joints, it also aids efficiency of movement and helps reduce the risk of injury.

For athletes, Pilates is a great activity to gently wake up the muscles needed for skiing, mountain biking or running to name a few, before heading up the hill in the morning, or to use as a long term training tool to iron out any imbalances.

Our Clinical Pilates classes are taught by Frankie Pioli who is also a registered Physiotherapist so you know you’re in good hands, especially important for anyone with existing injuries.

Classes can be taught privately on an individual basis or part of a small group, contact us for more information.