Have you met Ben yet?

We’d delighted to introduce the newest member of our team, Benjamin Theys. An experienced sports injury specialist and qualified physical trainer, he’s the perfect addition to our team.

IMG_5062Benjamin is the newest member of our team. Originally from Belgium he has spent over five years working in France and with some of the most experienced surgeons in the Haute Savoie region.

In addition to being an experienced sports injury specialist he is also a qualified physical trainer. His treatment style draws attention to the importance of prehabilitation aswell as rehabilitation following a sporting injury and his approach concentrates on good movement plans, education geared towards health, injury prevention and autonomous life. This has led to excellent working partnerships with leading surgeons to provide a cohesive recovery plan following surgery.
Educated in Belgium, he achieved his first degree in Physical Education, his dissertation was entitled ‘Keys determining the pedaling cadence in Cycling’. He then studied for a Masters in Teaching and Master (D.E.S) in Physical Preparation, before achieving his degree in Physiotherapy. His dissertation for that entitled, ‘Power developed by the Cyclist: literature review and field evaluation of the race bicycle mechanical efficiency’.

As you can see Benjamin is a keen Cyclist, he has taken his passion for the sport, expertise and education to work with other cyclists for example the National Junior track cyclists (RLVB) during training camps and road races. He has also worked with many individual competitive cyclists and other endurance athletes such as trail runners, ski-mountaineers, alpine ski racers and football players in planning training and physical preparation for their events.

Benjamin is a qualified CrossFit Level 1 trainer, and an accomplished professional sports and events photographer. He has been published frequently in the Belgium cycling magazine ‘O2bikes’.

So when not looking after patients, Benjamin is very active competing within a wide range of sports such as road cycling & MTB, trail running, ski mountaineering and cross country skiing. He’s a perfect complement to our existing team.