We’re moving

beachhutIt’s the start of a busy few weeks ahead!


The clinic is moving – not to the Caribbean but a new space in Chamonix. We will be moving towards the end of March, an opportunity to refresh our image and equipment. Unfortunately the new space will not have a studio and therefore and with regret we will no longer be able to offer any fitness classes however no changes to our excellent team of physiotherapists and osteopaths. Here’s more information on why we’re moving …




Dear Friends,

As most of you are aware, our landlords of our clinic decided not to renew our lease when it ends at the end of March 2015, as they intend to develop the clinic into apartments. We have been looking for alternative premises of a similar size for some time and the challenge has been a great one, very stressful and time consuming. We thought we had found a perfect space right in the centre of town and we applied for it, then the owner informed us that they might be considering selling instead of renting it, so this fell through. Last week we viewed a space still in the centre of town but significantly smaller than we had hoped for. Neil and I had to make a decision and we have decided to move into this space at the end of the March. We will no longer operate from the clinic at 286 Cachat les Géant from the 1st April 2015. Our new address is 324 Rue Joseph Vallot, Chamonix.

The new space does not have space for a studio and therefore with regret we won’t be able to offer any fitness classes, I have informed all our instructors and they’ll be in touch with you with regards to change of venues, etc.

The new space is significantly smaller, but we will have three treatment rooms and a rehab gym for the team – Laetitia, Janie, Wil and Carlton will all be coming with us.  We’re very excited to have the opportunity to create a fresh new image.

Although a little set back or ‘speed bump’ to our dream of creating a big scale centre of excellence in Chamonix, this will always be our goal but only second to ensuring that you receive the best possible care from our team.

The next few weeks will be busy mostly for myself, Nicki and Anna, however we’ll do our best to keep you updated on the renovation and plans for opening in the new space.

Just to reiterate, all fitness classes will continue in the clinic until the 31st March unless you hear otherwise from your instructor.

Best regards,

Jackie & Neil