Neil quoted in L’Equipe


Well it’s been a tough few weeks for the Dongfeng Race Team, sailing in the World renowned Volvo Ocean Race. A few weeks ago suffering a broken mast and this week they’re having to dig deep once again due to problems with a leaking water pump. Neil has been working with the team since October 2014 and has just returned from Brazil whilst the boat departed on Leg 6 to Newport, USA.

During Neil’s previous trip to Auckland (the Airmiles are really stacking up!) a French journalist (Anouk Corge) writing for the online section of the newspaper ‘L’Equipe‘ managed to get a few words from him, “Neil MacLean, le physiothérapeute du team, comprend son désarroi: «C’est une décision difficile à prendre et c’est pour cela que je l’ai prise pour toi.”

Here’s the article

Neil’s back in the clinic until around the 4th May when he’ll leave again to meet the boat in Newport, what a ‘Jetsetter!’