Introduction to Barefoot Running course with Neil Maclean-Martin

We cannot escape this “new trend” in Running.

So what is it all about? ‘Barefoot’ or ‘Minimalist running’ frees the foot to feel the ground, behave as its biomechanics are designed and improve running technique.

The course is designed to educate you in barefoot running and taking you through the first steps of including it into your trail running, triathlon training or marathon training.

We refer to it as ‘Barefoot’, however it also includes “Minimalist running” which includes wearing non-supportive footwear like a Vibram Five Finger or any other of the twenty or so main brands and models. Sessions will be varied between the Clinic, the Running Track and the Bois de Bouchet, after which the mountains are open.

Please note, we are not suggesting in any way that by the end of the course you should be running exclusively in barefoot (although for some it is an option) more that it is a wonderful training tool that strengthens the feet and body, can help generate a more efficient running technique and aims to reduce the risk of injury.

We want to launch the class before the weather gets too cold and so people already experimenting, or those who are keen to try it can do so and incorporate it into their winter training.

All sessions will be taken by Neil Maclean-Martin, a physiotherapist with many years experience
in elite sports medicine who is also a National Level Athletics Coach and passionate runner himself.

Equipment – you can start in Barefeet for the drills and track work, however for venturing out onto the trails some footwear is recommended (not compulsory).  We can help you choose what will be most appropriate for you over the first few weeks of the course.

The course will run for four weeks (two sessions a week), and the cost is 96€ for the eight sessions (12€ per class)

Do contact us for more information, or to book a place