New Service – Young Athlete assessments

Growing pains, muscle or joint aching?

General problems with sport or big goals in the future?

Do you think your child is pushed too hard in your sport?


Did you know:

  • Children aged 5 to 15 account for nearly 40% of all sports-related injuries and 50% of these are overuse injuries.
  • According to the Centre for Disease Control US (CDC) more than half of all sports injuries in children are preventable.
  • Sports injuries to young people often affect bone and soft tissues, and, because the skeleton is growing, injuries can result in progressive permanent effects.

Children and adolescents are vulnerable to injuries because of imbalances in strength and flexibility, it is therefore important to us to look after these hopefuls in their chosen sport and ensure that they have the best possible start to their sporting careers and wherever possible injury free.

Carlton Rowlands is a British and French registered Osteopath with an in-depth knowledge of  juvenile injuries. Carlton has a broad history of competition experience and this supplements his academic knowledge to provide an thorough understanding of sport and biomechanics. Having proudly represented Great Britain in both alpine Ski Racing and Triathlon he is now firmly settled as an Elite Trail Runner for the Italian trail running ‘Team Vibram’. He himself suffered with growth related knee problems as a junior International ski racer, and this personal experience adds to his professional experience of such problems.

The consultation consists of a discussion on the symptoms followed by an in-depth biomechanical assessment before creation of a personalised treatment plan. This will involve hands-on techniques, information for parents as well as easy exercises tailored to the young sports person to address imbalances in strength and flexibility. Together we will come to a solution, be that a gradual change in training schedules or cross training, a plan will be drawn up to ensure permanent effects are prevented.

The consultation lasts for one hour and costs 45 euros,

Call us know to book an assessment – 04 50 18 05 08