RUN FIT – starts Tuesday 15th May – ONLY A FEW PLACES LEFT

RUN FIT is starting again with Neil – using his experience as a senior club athletics coach and as a Physio to Olympic runners / triathletes and UTMB athletes he will deliver a four week course aimed technique, training, injury prevention and a host of other elements.  There will be two sessions per week and the time will be divided between the track and the gym at the clinic.

Video Analysis will be a core part of the Track sessions along with drills for running technique.  The sessions will be fun and appropriate for all levels of runner from beginner to elite – everyone works at their pace.

Aims of the Course

  • Run with more efficiency
  • Video Analysis
  • Develop a better running technique
  • Develop Core strength specifically for running
  • Learn training Strategies
  • Choose the correct Running shoe for you
  • Understand Heart Rate training zones
  • Work on full body Dynamic control
  • Discuss Nutrition and Hydration strategies
  • Try Barefoot running as part of training.


The course will start on Tuesday 15th May and run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9.30-10.45 for four weeks.  There are only a few places left as class size is limited to ten, however if demand is sufficient we can run a second session 8-9.30.

Cost will be 80€ for the whole course. Contact Neil for more information at

Bon Trails,