Injury prevention

Injury prevention is a key part of the Clinic’s philosophy.

Over the years, clinic founder ‘Neil Maclean-Martin‘ has seen many recurring injuries, some that he feels could have been prevented.

Injury prevention programmes written by Neil Maclean-Martin

So back in 2012, Neil designed a ski preparation programme called ‘SkiFit’. The eight week programme specifically identifies weaknesses and imbalances, before building strength to help prevent injuries.

Ski fitness and injury prevention programme 'SkiFit'
Ski fitness and injury prevention programme ‘SkiFit’

Since then, Neil has developed further sport specific training programmes, such as RunFit, TriFit and BikeFit.

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Chamonix Mountain Fit

Then in 2020, Neil was contacted by the team at UpHill Athlete to collaborate on a mountain fitness programme named ‘Chamonix Mountain Fit’.

This programme is designed as a progressive, video-based, self-guided strength program for mountain athletes.

Each video-workout is approximately one hour in duration.


The Chamonix Mountain Fit program is a fantastic resource for any mountain athlete. I am always in pursuit of improving my optimization of endurance and whole body conditioning. The mountain fit program provides a simple, clear, and balanced approach to getting stronger, improving imbalances, and supporting my endeavors of as an uphill athlete.

UpHill Athlete website – February 3, 2021

I’ve been looking for years for a plan or workout to help me understand proper form to avoid back and knee pain while doing leg and core exercises, and finally found it in the Chamonix program. It clearly describes and demonstrates how to keep your core and spine aligned during training and I’ve begun to apply the concepts to my actual outdoor pursuits. The fact that this is focused specifically on the uphill athlete is a huge plus as it’s not just general fitness, but what I need to get ready for some big objectives. I also appreciate how well it’s produced: simple but clear audio and video with a second inset video for additional right vs. wrong form. The instructor has a nice easy way of leading you through a variety of exercises with clear and helpful instruction.

UpHill Athlete website – February 10, 2021