Jackie Maclean-Martin – Clinic Manager

Jackie Maclean-Martin
Jackie Maclean-Martin

Clinic Manager

As Clinic Manager, it’s Jackie’s role to ensure that every aspect of our Clinic is patient-centric.

A women of action, her career has been a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ path since graduating from University with a degree in Business Studies. “Business Studies covers so many aspects of Business, and therefore it was difficult for me to decide on just one discipline to follow. So, I decided to use them all”.

After deciding to move to Chamonix in 2007 it took her and Neil a while to relocate since Neil has commitments to Great Britain Judo and their path to the Olympic Games in Beijing. Jackie took a PA job for a property company in London to bide her time whilst Neil travelled the World.

2009 was a busy year! After setting up a First Aid company in the UK, then moving from the UK to France, and setting up ‘The Chamonix Clinic’ and falling pregnant, you understand that Jackie and Neil are an awesome force and never do things on a small scale. The Chamonix Clinic was a small clinic where Neil looked after the physiotherapy and Jackie the clients.

The success of the clinic was all down to word of mouth and Neil’s reputation grew rapidly in the Chamonix valley and beyond.

Picture of Jackie finishing the OCC In 2015
Finisher – OCC 2015


In 2013, Jackie and Neil became co-founders of BeFitApps, a company that develops online sports specific training programmes and mobile apps. She explains “We took our experience in looking after skiers, runners, cyclists and triathletes, to design and produce training programmes that help prevent injury, it’s prehabilitation or ‘prehab’!”

Personal life:

Skiing, swimming and triathlons used to be her favourite sports, however after successfully finishing her first ‘Ultra-Marathon’ the OCC (Orsieres to Chamonix) a 55km trail race part of the UTMB (Ultra Tour Mont Blanc) events, she is now a confirmed trail runner.

Known for her excellent ‘Domestique’ support she’s always happy to support others. Whether that’s through the night following an UTMB event or a 24-hour ski-de-fond event.

You’ll be good hands and the person to call if you need anything during your visit to the Clinic.