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Jane ‘Janie’ McCORRISTON


In 2011, Jane ‘Janie’ McCORRISTON joined the team.

She studied at the University of Coventry and graduated in 2005.

She moved to Chamonix a few years later to spend a winter season skiing. It was D^during this season that she became a self-confessed ‘ski-addict’. As a result she moved to France.

Jane 'Janie' McCORRISTON

A keen sportswoman all her life, Janie supports patients leading busy lives. Knowing their need to return to their sport. She can design an intuitive rehab programme. One that they can follow and maintain. Returning to their lifestyle stronger and more confident than before.

In addition Janie has experience in women’s health. She treats many women pre and post pregnancy. For example from massage and abdominal exercise programmes.

Jane ‘Janie’ McCORRISTON and Personal Injury

Janie is an accomplished skier and mountaineer. Having this adventurous lifestyle can have its pitfalls.

In 2001, she had a skiing accident and suffered a severe back injury. It took her more than a year to get back into action.

After that she suffered another accident in the 2013 winter season. Rupturing her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Following an intensive rehab programme she was back on skis the next year.

Having this personal experience Janie can sympathies and support patients. Janie continues to support patients who’ve experienced similar injuries. The ‘KneeFit’ team as it’s known continues to achieve fantastic results.

Personal life

In the past Janie has worked with children’s summer camps. Teaching the children how to sail.

Janie loves being outside. Skiing in the Winter at every chance. And in the Summer, enjoys climbing and running the Chamonix trails.

In the Summer following her ACL injury she finished the Cross du Mont Blanc. A 23km trail race with over 1600m of height gain.

She also practices yoga on a regular basis.

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