“Neil taught me so much about prevention and recovery”

“Jackie and Neil, We met last July 2013, when a massage therapist helped me crawl into your office after I threw my low back out and crumpled in excruciating, relentless pain the day before me and my team of 6 were to embark on the 10 day C-Z trail. You were so kind to me, placed me on a table to wait and did your best to squeeze me into Neil’s lunch hour, as he was booked solid for the day. Neil worked on me like the genius healer that he is, and I felt an instant and deep friendship for him. Jackie, you found me and booked me a hotel room, and then drove me to the pharmacy, then you translated and checked me into the hotel. Jackie you are truly an Angel. Neil taught me so much about prevention and recovery for my back issues and again, I just really connected with him and enjoyed his company and personality. I had to hang back for a couple days in Chamonix, while my team went ahead on the trail, but after a few bus and train trips, I eventually caught up with them and joined them on the trip of a lifetime! I have since taken up trail running and returned to backpacking. Thank you!, David”